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The storing furniture: the walk-in closets

The walk-in closets have gained popularity in the modern times and more and more houses foresee a space for them. They are the modern reinterpretation of the ancient wardrobe, which in the beginning was to be found only in the high society homes because of course only the rich could afford to have many clothes, shoes and overcoats.

In nowadays homes, the walk-in closets are mainly used as wardrobes and therefore are equipped with shelves, drawers, coat racks, shoe racks and so on, even if the space can also be used for the kitchen storage. The doors separating the inner space from the room are usually sliding and disappearing in the walls to save space inside and outside the closet.

Modern materials and smooth sliding rails are common to the walk-in closets, providing silent slide in the opening and closing operations. The same materials for the doors may be used for the shelves and the internal doors or the drawer fronts: wood or veneer, glass or metal, the most modern techniques may even be joined to the most traditional styles. The order and cleanliness given by a walk-in closet add to the beauty of the room and the general atmosphere of the interior.

Walk-in closets

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