Studio apartments

Hmmm… one should be intrigued by the history of housing and how from caverns and dwellings we came to the huge blocks of flats, skyscrapers, villas and castles, the largest and the tiniest living spaces all gathered together in the same epoch and place.

We are addicted to stylish interiors and we feel like we could never have enough to see new pieces and innovative furnishing solutions for the widest as well as for the narrowest housing spaces. We do not discriminate, we like lofts and villas as well as minuscule apartments or small houses, the sumptuous pinkish or pastel color romantics decorations and the rigor of the sharp Italian latest design. We feel that all the styles have beauty inside, and we love furniture.

The tiny spaces challenge the furniture and interior designers that must merge multiple functions to small pieces, large storage capability and nice design. Not an easy task, but the furnishing industry and manufacturers offer wide ranges of opportunities.

The towns and cities provide smaller spaces against the outskirts and country, so here we may find the densest concentration of small flats and houses. The smallest spaces are the studio apartments, where a single person or a couple lives in a single room serving as living, kitchen, bedroom all in one, with a separated small space for the bathroom. The dimension of these small flats ranges from 20-25 to max 60 square meters and they can be set in any floor of the building.
They are provided with a kitchen corner or area, with a living room space which is often furnished with a sofa bed to function as living room or as bedroom according to the needs.

A studio apartment can be used from the companies to host foreign staff or weekly commuters. The university students and professors, if not hosted in the school facilities, can also opt for the studio apartments (or for bedsits maybe).

A studio apartment must have the minimum quantity of furniture that must give the most comfort and total functionality to the users in the various moments of the day: as said, sofa beds, folding or flap-edge tables to be used as dining or computer tables, folding or stacking chairs to occupy the least space, lift-up or convertible pieces that can transform their function depending on the situations.

Studio apartments

Neat outline for the Easy armchair, also indicated for outdoor use, which will turn into a comfortable bed Folding and extendable, Icon table can host folding chairs inside like for example Icon folding chairs - here in wenge, with only one side open Pocket folding chair, red seat and back on aluminium colour frame Minimal and elegant, the Space table has a peculiar shape given by its converging angled legs

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