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By Studio MB, the Spencer sofa bed is an everlasting product and a top selling item in the Milano Bedding range.

Young and linear, essential in function and design, the characteristics to the Spencer sofa bed are the many armrests variants available and the typical padded poly/cotton cover that can be check or stitch quilted, as well as the peculiar wavy headboard that can be optionally chosen.
The mattress is standard supplied in non deformable expanded polyurethane foam, laying on orthopedic beech wood slats and with removable cover. The single movement opening and closing mechanism adds further value to the piece.

Hundreds of variants are offered by Milano Bedding for this very reliable and solid piece, becoming easily a fundamental piece for living rooms or studio apartments, for hotel bedrooms and suites or waiting areas, all places where the transforming abilities of the Spencer sofa bed are searched.

The dimensions of the Spencer sofa bed are H84 D100, seat height and depth 43 and 61. Width varies on demand (ask the manufacturer for precise details on widths available).

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Spencer Spencer

A straighter armrest gives a more resolute touch to the room - the Spencer sofa bed

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