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Pisolo 1

by Adex Srl      

Pisolo 1

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Modular and playful, the Pisolo1 is a 2 seater sofa for children that may be used even as bed with its max extension of 150x150 cm. Covered in non removable fabric or eco-leather, it is produced by Adex, specialist of children furniture, to be the funniest and most colorful sofa for children.

Perfec for playrooms and lesiure time, the Pisolo 1 is a piece of kids furniture for the private living rooms, the children bedrooms or the kindergartens: you can combine the cubes composing the sofa and choose many colors for the upholstery.

The Pisolo1 is available for purchase with a minimum quantity of 10 pieces. The dimensions are 150 x 50 cm.

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Pisolo 1

the playful Pisolo sofa is made of modular parallelepipeds vovered in fabric or imitation leather

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