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Clearly inspired in the outiline by the Louis VX Style, the Cammeo is a wonderful chair manufactured by Architema.

The interweaving of styles gives to this seat a fresh look and a bit of extravagance, making it ideal for any modern location such as a restaurant dining room, a fashion bar and of course a private home.

The frame structure of the Cammeo is made of beechwood. This type of wood, thanks to its compact texture, is known to provide superior strength and solidity.

The seating is stuffed with differentiated density polyurethane foam, providing great comfort and security as it is certified to be fireproof.
The seat covering, portraied in the picture above in a wonderful floral motif that vaguely call to mind the Art Nouveau, is available in several colours and materials such as leather, eco-leather and fabric. The finish of the legs as well is available in any colour.
The Cammeo has no minimum purchase requirements and may be ordered also by private customers.

Dimensions in cm are:
86H 63W 60D

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A reinterpretation of the classic Louis XVI style for the Cammeo chair by Architema

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