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45G bookcase


45G bookcase

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Would you like to have the best style and the most functional space..and you think that is impossible?
Don't be afraid to ask too much, because the easy answer is the 45G bookcase!

Created from a concept by the designers Paolo Chiantini and Gualtiero Sacchi, it has been successfully presented at the Milano International Furniture Fair in 2006.

An incredible combination between elegance and practicality, design and functionality, style and convenience.

It doesn't matter if you want to enrich your book collection by placing them in the best shelf ever, of if you need a practical and elegant location for you office documents. Either way the 45G shelving unit is what you need.

It doesn't matter if you want the 45G shelving unit for a trendy fashion store, or for a new art gallery downtown, or for an exclusive TV set: the 45G bookcase is right for them all.

The shelving unit is ideal combined with the 45G table.

It has a frame in lacquered or polished aluminium and the shelves in laminate or lacquered MDF. Various colours are available for you to choose from. Available for shipment in 30 days from order without minimum purchase quantity, delivered disassembled.

Standard measurements are: H185cm x W270cm x D55cm. The 45G bookcase is available in two different variations: a taller one, with 5 shelves H185cm, or a smaller one, with 2 shelves H40cm, that could become a sideboard unit or a TV stand.

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45G bookcase 45G bookcase 45G bookcase

A detail of the shelf side finishing of the 45G bookcase-TV stand in 40cm height: the metal profiled laminate or lacquered MDF shelves add personality and resistance to the piece.

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