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Mixo Gemma B1004-S439


Mixo Gemma B1004-S439

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[ bench, table, seat, ergonomic, acrylic shell, steel tube, aluminum pivot, canteen, fast food, bar, school, refectory, community ]

A monobloc table made to last and a reliable product in matter of safety and functionality, united to a particolar attention in design and new materials, that is the Mixo Gemma B1004 equipped with seats S439.

Perfectly suited for dining halls in fast food eateries, canteens, refectories, schools of any level and public institutions, it has been created by the skillful pens at the technical staff in Belca, with the declared purpose of reducing the number of legs of the structure. This particular solution is ingenious and pleasant to see at the same time, resolved with a steady frame in steel tube, coated in thermosetting powders and curved to host the ergonomic seat shells that are hinged to a pivoting arm in die cast aluminum. The pivoting allows a 360° rotation and with the wide space under and around the table the cleaning operations are carried out much easier, furthermore the rotation avoids the annoying noise of the chairs scratching on the floor. The seat mechanism is also auto-returning.

Available in standard white or sand laminate top with black PVC edge and adjustable feet, the Mixo Gemma B1004 table is also available with waterproof laminate top in a range of colors, with grey, black or wooden colored PVC edge or even with laminate top in various colors finished with multilayer or solid wood edges. The ergonomic shells in the S439 shape are in transparent acrylic, available in various colors that add further contemporaneity to the whole piece.

To grant the solidity and the contract use, the Mixo Gemma B1004 fast food table is CATAS tested and can be certified fire-retardant class 1M.

With 4 or 6 seats, the Mixo Gemma B1004 table can be ready to be shipped in about 30 days from order date, with no minimum purchase quantity and delivered disassembled.

The bench table with 4 seats measures H75 W160 D130; the total width includes the seat space.

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